Therapeutic Massage, Healing & Reiki, Metamorphic Technique

In 1992 Brigit trained with Eve Gill the founder of Bodywise Therapeutic Massage, Healing came soon after. Originally a teacher in Biology and Health education, her career involved nursing and the arts. She has been practising awareness techniques from Buddhism, Tai Chi, Psychotherapy, Performing Arts, Shaminism and Psychic tradition during the last 18 years.

The Bodywise Therapeutic Massage is a holistic massage, working with deep soft tissues, energy flow and breath. Brigit uses additional techniques from the Hawaiian Huna tradition, Pulsing and Oriental Medicine working on both emotional and physical levels.

The Metamorphic technique is very effective and gentle, it balances the body and mind very deeply effecting the pre-natal period and chakras.

Brigit uses Reiki and Healing in combination with massage or on its own. No contraindications for unconditional love!

To find a creative, down to earth response to her own and other people’s problems has been central in her life. She is passionate about helping others to help themselves.

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